Our Approach

Simply put, our core objective is to define value and how this influences your sell (business owner) and buy (investor/purchaser) decision.

For business owners, whether it is a full report or an estimate of value, our approach is to intimately understand your business in order to fully appreciate what constitutes its value. We work closely with you to analyze your operations, financial data and market position. Our in-depth knowledge of your business and extensive valuation experience enables us to provide a fully documented and defensible valuation opinion. We structure the assignment so as to ensure minimal interruption to your daily running of the business. We coordinate our services with your other advisors to ensure outlined objectives are achieved.

For potential business buyers, our approach is to fully understand key objectives behind the planned purchase and build this into the valuation process. To strike a balance between value and purchase price, we follow a rigorous process that includes interviews with principals of the target company, gathering financial and economic data and seeking market comparables. Guiding you the buyer on the base purchase price, we leverage heavily on our database of closed transactions.

To avoid conflict of interest at any point when carrying out an assignment, we only advice either the seller or buyer, but never both parties.

We focus on a small number of projects each year which we believe ensures our clients enjoy high levels of success.