HTM Connect

The trade off between risk and return has been, and will remain the corner stone of every investment decision. Interestingly, in spite of the phenomenal velocity at which information is shared today, timely access to valuable, on the ground insights to guide investment decisions has never been more pronounced.

At HTM Connect, our sole objective is to aid investors and decision makers accurately quantify risk and return by facilitating seamless dialogue with qualified experts. Many a time, information is right in front of you but to fully grasp the likely outcome of your decisions, you need to ask the right person the right questions. At HTM Connect, we work zealously to put you in touch with the “right person”.

Drawing from multiple industries, government agencies and academia, our experts are individually selected. To ensure we have a wide pool of the right people, we are always open to adding interested experts onto our network. Sticking to our ethos, “right person right questions” we do not limit our clients to only having access to our existing pool of experts – we actively seek out the “right person”.

Going beyond ensuring our clients have the “right information” we actively enlist entrepreneurs who offer invaluable insights by sharing their business experiences.

Confidentiality is important to both our Clients and our Advisors. All consultations are confidential and Advisors’ personal information is never sold to third parties. Clients are not allowed to ask company specific questions about Advisors’ employers or to disclose Advisors’ identities publicly (terms & conditions).

Our sole objective is to make sure you get the real-time insights you need to make fact-based decisions.