Welcome to HTM Capital

At HTM Capital, we work smart and tirelessly, to empower our clients towards more intelligent financial decision making.

We constantly strive to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our clients and develop innovative tailor made solutions to meet those needs. We work with and adapt to our clients' specific processes and working practices, but at no time do we compromise our independence.

We aim to build long-term partnerships that ensure continued success for your investments and business.

Our passion runs deep and integrity is very close to our hearts.

Our value proposition is straightforward:

Business Valuation

Our core objective is to define value and how this influences your sell (business owner) and buy (investor/purchaser) decision. For business owners, our service helps you convert your vision of the company’s growth into quantified value creation and view your business through the eyes of a potential buyer.

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HTM Connect

We provide our clients a cost-effective platform to access on the ground, comprehensive and timely intelligence on industries, emerging trends and technologies. We provide our experts an opportunity to earn fees by participating in multiple consulting assignments on subject matters and industries they are well versed in.

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Research & Analytics

If you want to test your investment thesis, undertake company and industry due diligence, unearth investment opportunities within your industry, wholly/partially outsource your research function, and reinforce your investor relations offering, rest assured you have come to the right place.

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Decision Support Dashboard

Today, decision makers are not only overwhelmed by mounds of existing data, but the need to continuously capture new data as businesses evolve and market trends change. Understandably so, this barrage of data, most of which is unstructured continues to deter many decisions makers transiting to fact based from gut based decision making.

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Are we the right partner for you? Contact us and we will be brutally honest on what we can and cannot do.

“....the first step to all right decisions, is having the right information”