Our Shared Successes

Year Project Area Our contribution
2013 Capital raising USD 30m Real estate A group of Kenyan HNW Investors was seeking capital to fund a USD 30m real estate project. HTM Capital was enlisted as a Financial Advisor to prepare an Information Memorandum and Project Forecast Model to be used to secure a meeting with an international investor.
2013 Capital raising USD 2.5m Pharmacy A Kenyan based Pharmacy was seeking to raise USD 2.5m to increase its outlets and fund working capital. HTM Capital sourced for local and international financiers.
2013 New manufacturing plant Construction HTM Capital was enlisted to prepare an Information Memorandum and Business Forecast Model for a new business seeking to set up a manufacturing plant to produce concrete poles.
2014 Country and Industry Analysis Investments HTM Capital was enlisted to prepare a Country and Industry analysis report that would guide an Investment Company allocate capital across multiple countries and industries.
2014 Business Valuation Construction Consulting HTM Capital was enlisted to Value the Consulting Practice and guide management on different capital raising structures. The assignment also involved the creation of a Business Forecast Model for use by management to monitor business performance.
2015 Business Valuation & Projects Feasibility Agribusiness – fresh produce exports HTM Capital was enlisted to Value the 14 year old fresh produce export business and evaluate the feasibility of two new product lines. HTM Capital was also involved in capital raising investor negotiations. Beyond coming up with a Valuation Model, HTM Capital developed a Business Planning Model allowing for tracking of sales per customer and per product.
2015 Business Valuation  Architecture, Interior Designer & Landscaping Consulting Since business inception, only the Founding Partner had contributed monetary capital, with the remaining four Partners’ contribution being in form of sweat equity. HTM Capital was enlisted to value the business so as to determine the monetary equity value attributable to each Partner. Beyond determining the monetary equity value per partner, HTM Capital was involved in the valuation of the business so as to assist the client set up an ESOP and engage with potential new Partners.   
2016 Capital Raising USD 3.62m Agribusiness - New Pulp Processing Plant HTM Capital was enlisted to identify potential private investors for a new Pulp Processing Plant. The assignment involved; review of management's forecast business model, business plan, strategic positioning, preparation of investor pitch documents, setting up meetings with potential investors/debt financiers, and advising management on business valuation.
2016 Business Valuation Events Production and Management Services firm HTM Capital was enlisted to Value the firm and guide management on different capital raising options. Management had the option of either bringing on board a passive cash investor and/or a new business partner whose investment would be in form of specialized equipment.