Quick Expert Survey

Building on our HTM Connect offering, our Quick Survey service allows our clients access actionable primary industry data/insights, by screening multiple respondents quickly and anonymously. In consultation with the client, all surveys are custom designed. We work with clients to refine survey questions, and screen experts so as to ensure optimal survey population (respondents may include custom-recruited subject matter experts). 

Raw survey data is typically available to Clients within hours of survey completion, while the written report is delivered within 48 hours.

While we actively custom recruit experts to broaden number of respondents, we leverage heavily on our database of well tested experts to guarantee quality of survey.

By simply tweaking survey questions to accommodate experts with different backgrounds, a simple survey can be converted into powerful tool offering a 360 degree view of an industry - by including views from key suppliers, consumers & competing industries into a survey seeking to understand key industry drivers, one can easily develop new insights while reinforcing views from “industry of interest” respondents.

How it Works

  • Survey Requirements: Client submits key questions via personalised log in account. A dedicated Project Manager is assigned to co-ordinate the survey
  • Survey Design: The Project Manager works with Client to refine survey questions and respondents’ screening criteria
  • Survey Recruiting: Project Manager identifies suitable respondents from our database, but also custom recruits to ensure optimal survey population
  • Survey Respondents’ Approval: The Project Manager sends summary Experts’ Bios of shortlisted respondents to Client for approval. Following Client approval survey is carried out
  • Survey Results: Full survey results and analysis are availed within 48 hours
  • Post-survey Discussion: The Project Manager follows up with the Client so as to ensure survey objectives were fully met

If you are an existing HTM Connect client, please log in to your personal account to submit your Quick Survey request.

If you are a prospective client, please fill in the Client Registration Form to create your user account. Once your account is open, you can start using our Quick Survey service – it is that easy!

Your information will be held in strict confidence and we will not send you any unsolicited emails.

For enquiries reach us on clientservices@htmcapital.com.